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Our Embroidery Finishing Services

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Beyond Embroidery Expectations

Tagging, Bagging, & Labeling Services

Great embroidery is only the beginning. Tagging, bagging, and labeling are value-added services we provide as part of our comprehensive offerings. In addition to impeccable embroidery, these services protect the garments and make them retail-ready.  Add these services for a more finished look.


We offer two tagging solutions tailored to meet your business needs: Hem Tags and Hang Tags.

someone tagging a pink shirt


Keep your garments always looking crisp and soil free by selecting this option.

someone packaging a blue shirt in a clear bag


For ease in inventory management and organization, we offer size or SKU labeling.

labeling a box

Value-Added Services For Your Clients

By incorporating our finishing services into your order, you're offering your clients an exceptional product that sets them apart from the competition. These value-added solutions not only safeguard their garments but also add a touch of finesse that leaves a lasting impact on their customers and boosts their brand's reputation. Your clients will receive retail-ready garments, saving them valuable time and effort in preparing for display or sale.

At Superior Image Embroidery, we pride ourselves on delivering not just premium embroidery, but a complete finishing solution that guarantees ease and success. With our comprehensive embroidery services, your clients can confidently showcase their products to the world with a professional and refined appeal. Partner with us to elevate your client's brand image and leave a memorable impression.

From start to finish, Superior Image Embroidery is here for you. Call us at 513-991-7543 or Contact Us Now.

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