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Custom Embroidery Partner

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Embroidery Services Rooted in Quality and Client Satisfaction

Superior Image Embroidery is committed to your complete satisfaction with all our embroidered products. Our team of dedicated professionals will solve any issues that arise with the utmost attention and care. We will not stop working until we deliver the embroidered product you need. That is our guarantee.

Why Choose Superior Image Embroidery?

Quality: Our custom-embroidered apparel ensures that your customers wear their brand with pride, making a lasting impression.


Drop Ship Solutions: With our best-in-class drop ship solutions, we efficiently meet deadlines and quotas, minimizing any disruptions.

Versatility: A wide range of embroidery and embellishment options for various products, including shirts, caps, bags, towels, and more, allowing for branding opportunities.


Hands-off Approach: We are dedicated to minimizing the impact on the end client throughout the process, ensuring their satisfaction and delivering an exceptional experience.

Customer Satisfaction: We prioritize customer satisfaction and understand that challenges can arise. When unexpected issues occur, we foster open communication and work collaboratively to find solutions, ensuring mutual understanding.

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Your Trusted Embroidery Partner

Choose Superior Image Embroidery as your embroidery partner, and experience our unwavering commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction at every step of the process. 

Want to learn why businesses in Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo, Nashville, Detroit, Indianapolis, Lexington, and Louisville trust Superior Image Embroidery for their contract embroidery?

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